Within the sense of sustainable world principle "human first" management approach, Arnes Ambalaj is aware of the responsibilities in order to increase social and environmental awareness, prevent the problem at the source, use natural resources efficiently, ensure human health and raise living standards to the highest level.

Our company which is aware of its responsibility for Environmental Legislation and ISO 14001 :2015 standard conditions;

» To Minimize the negative environmental impacts which is based on our environmental aspects,
» To Fulfill the relevant environmental legislation requirements and compliance obligations,
» Minimizing the waste, preventing the pollution at it’s source and decrease the negative impacts on environment, eliminate the wastes of plant,  or create strategic plans for recycling,
» To take the necessary measures to minimize the negative impacts on the environment in our activities and to aim to protect the environment,
» To continuously improve the environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance,
» Working with our employees and business partners for a clean, sustainable, nature-friendly and livable world,
» To be a pioneer for the social responsibility projects and increase the awareness in our country and in the world.